Parquet Install / Restoration

Parquet wood floor installs and renovations, repairs and refurbishmentsOne of our key services is the fitting/installation and restoration of parquet (or parkay!) wood block flooring for our customers in Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire

Installation / New Parquet Floor

Laying new parquet is an intricate task and is something we have undertaken for many customers. The basic steps are as detailed below although it is not necessary to match to existing blocks.Special care must be taken to ensure that the sub-floor the parquet will be installed on top of is firm, level and damp-free

Restoration / Repairs / Refurbishment

Original parquet flooring is often a gem hidden under carpets and can normally be repaired and restored to a high standard. We follow the steps below to restore parquet floors:

  • Check that the existing parquet blocks are firmly attached to the concrete or wooden sub-floor
  • Replace any blocks that are severely damaged. (these need to be matched as closely as possible to the originals
  • Note that the historic ‘hot bitumen’ method of fixing blocks is rarely used now, and modern adhesives can be used instead
  • Sand the entire floor. This gives a better finish than just working on the area being repaired
  • Apply the required finish (oil, wax or varnish)