Refurbish / Refinish

Wooden floor finishing can be incredibly durable and hardwood floors can last the lifetime of a house. However they do eventually become worn or lose their surface finish. Patches can occasionally become damaged for which we offer a repair service.

Before Starting Work

Not all wooden floors are suitable for refurbishment so we will assess the condition and suitability of the planks before starting work and provide advice if applicable. Things we check for are the thickness of the planks, suitability for sanding and general condition (damage, loose boards etc).

The Refurbishment

Refurbishment comprises the following main steps

  • Preparation – securing loose boards, protruding nails etc.
  • Sanding – remove old finish using a high-quality sanding process
  • Finishing – apply the agreed finishing product (may involve a number of coats)

Sanding floorboards is unavoidably a messy and noisy job but we come well equipped with dustsheets and other protection for your home. Minimum disruption is our aim !

You can see some pictures of the amazing transformation that refurbishment can achieve