Wooden floor finishing can be incredibly durable and hardwood floors can last the lifetime of a house. However they can become damaged for a number of reasons:

  • High Heels – hardwood may be hard-wearing but indestructible it is not – and heels can cause huge damage to wooden flooring
  • Water Damage – Leaky pipes and flooding can damage wooden flooring
  • Scratches – From careless children or spiky furniture
  • Poor fitting – Can cause floors to ‘rise’ in the middle

Also, they can eventually become worn or lose their surface finish for which we offer a refurbishment service.

Before Starting Work

Not all wooden floors are suitable for repair so we will assess the damage and also the condition and suitability of the planks before starting work and provide advice if applicable. Things we consider are the extent of the damage, the thickness of the planks, suitability for sanding and general condition (damage, loose boards etc).

The Repairs

Every repair is different but we endeavor to attain a result that blends in with the undamaged flooring and to ensure the minimum disruption for your household.